lunedì 20 luglio 2009

Happy Vegetables :)

and then suddenly, one morning, i entered the grown-ups world. worst part is waking up every morning at 7. best part is i get to drink gooooood expensive wine for lunch. uh, and i get to learn tons of new interesting stuff about finance, of course...
i finish working around 5/6, depending on my boss mood, so i will not take my internship as an excuse for being lazy with the blog. it's just... well, blogging is just not at the top of my priority list at the moment...

Happy (Summer) Vegetables!
step 1: boil potatoes and, once cooled, slice them (how many?... they have to be enough to cover your baking tin)
step 2: grill eggplants, zucchini and peperoni (i slice them and cook them in a griddle)
step 3: boil tomatoes for 3 minutes, just enough to peel them easily. then cut in slices.
step 4: make the seasoning mixing olive oil, salt, mint and abundant garlic (actually, you can go for your favorite herbs).
now place the vegetables: start with boiled potatoes, then grilled eggplants and zucchini. finish with boiled tomatoes.
add the seasoning to breadcrumbs (breadcrumbs have to be enough to cover the vegetable layers).
bake in preheated oven until the breadcrumbs form a nice crust and become golden.

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