sabato 3 luglio 2010

Quasi Apple Clafutis

Turning on the oven this season may lead to quite sweaty baking sessions, it's a fact. But what if your sweet sweet love is back from chicago and you just want to tell him how much you missed him? he's a huge supporter of your cooking experiments, and that's another fact. and he's very handsome, by the way.

Therefore, let's talk about baking apples. How do you describe a clafoutis? Mh, let me see... it's creamy like a pudding, it involves fresh fruit and quite a few eggs. Whether you go the traditional way, cherries and less sugar, or prefer my sweeter version, it's the quality and taste of fruit that comes first and wins you over here. Good luck with your summer baking sessions!

Apple Milk Mattonella
Slice 4 big apples or 3 apples and one banana (yeah, the round darker spots in the picture are bananas, which fit quite well and add some extra creaminess), add some lemon juice and set aside. You can add few drops of vanilla essence, rhum, grappa, whatever you think it will bring up the flavors. Prepare the clafoutis by mixing together 4 eggs, 100gr sugar, 180gr flour, the zest of one lemon, and 500ml of milk. That's it. Now stir the fruit in the mixture and bake in a rectangular pan: one hour 220 degrees.

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