giovedì 18 settembre 2008

Obama Donuts

do you like them? do you wish to try them? well, i am making a promise right now: let obama win the next november elections and i will make donuts for the whole country! unfortunately i don't live in the us, and by country i mean a very small one such as switzerland :p but don't worry, i will post the recipe here. so please do what is right and vote for him!
i am not an american voter but i have been following the electoral campaign quite assiduously lately, i also have the opportunity to talk to some us citizens at my workplace and i feel i got to know enough about the two candidates to make up my mind.
if we just try to compare the two........ MCCAIN is almost as old as my grandmother, with his 72 years he still lives in another generation and please don't say he is representative of the average citizen, he doesn't know a shit of how the average citizen lives... he is still living in the memories of his vietnam war and is not ready to face the FUTURE changes! i wonder whether he knows what a blog is!
YOUNG OBAMA is an incredibly smart guy who graduated from harvard college. he studied the constitution and law and dedicated part of his life to social projects. he is toughful, fresh, and very well-seen abroad. everyone loves him here in europe. he is aware of the need of changing some american behaviours that just don't work anymore in the upcoming political and economic world. not as barbie-palin, who declared she is ready to go on war with russia!! what-the-.. has she in her f... mind? is someone who admits "she heard about iraqi war only trough the news" ready to become vice president of an old and sick president who can die any moment? mccain based his whole campaign on the gap of experience between him and obama, and now he chooses the only-few-months governor of alaska to work with him? first of all: alaska is the richest state in the united states, and every year has a surplus thanks to oil. is this a difficult state to govern? i wonder what palin would do in case of a hurricane crisis... and second of all: he met palin only once before choosing her, in a sort of "vice-president interview". was this a wise choice from a person full of experience?? i'm sorry, he scares me!! and disgusts me a bit also, when i read about how he dumped his sick wife for that hot(not-so-hot)blondie and her fluogreen suits. and do you want to know more about palin?? did you hear that when she was governor of her small town she wanted to censure some books in the library and she actually fired a cop who didn't agree with her political views??
ok, i'm sorry... i started with donuts and i ended up making hate-speeches... but this is a very important election that will reflect its consequences in the entire world... in a very dramatic economic, political and geopolitical period... so please please please 1-go to vote 2-think twice before choosing another bush replica.

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