domenica 26 ottobre 2008

The British Parenthesis: Sesame&Cinnamon Scones + Peach&Amaretti Jam

i dreamed of sandy thomas last night. i dreamed of her being part of a panel of japanese jazz music (...) and sitting on the stage, and of me standing up and simply telling her i don't give a damn about her telling me how to sit on my chair. mh, i'm afraid i still have to figure out some years of my past to solve my application-phobia before searching for an intership.
but anyway, that's not the point. the point is i made something very british today. and i'm sorry if you don't know who sandy thomas is. actually, you're lucky.

Peach and Amaretti Jam

i'm sorry, i made the jam a few months ago and i do not remember how many peaches you need to make 1lt of jam. i guess that would be around 1kg of peaches, 200gr of smashed amaretti and 500gr of sugar. let the jam cook and boil and cook for 30 minutes or more.
how to check if your jam is ready: drop one spoon on a cold plate, let cool and check for right consistency.
how to preserve in the jars: first thing is sterilising your jars. i wash them carefully and then sterilize them in the oven (110 degrees) for 30 min, with their tops just leaned. i pour the jam in them when they're still hot, then be careful that the top of your vase is well cleaned. close the jar and let it cool upside down, to prevent air from entering.

Cinnamon and Sesame Scones

knead 250gr of flour with 60gr of cold butter until you get a sandy mixture. then add 2 tablespoons of honey, one egg, cinnamon and sesame seeds as much as you like, and 100ml of cream. with the dough make some little balls and press a bit. bake in preheated oven 180degrees for 20 minutes.


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