sabato 11 ottobre 2008

Pineapple Saturday #3: Pinacolada Panna Cotta

the last pineapple recipe and a classic revisited. panna cotta can solve many of your dinners, since it is very easy to make, absolutely versatile and not so heavy. so feel free to propose it after a square meal. my favorite is plain or vanilla panna cotta with whirred fresh fruit on top. btw, the whirres fresh frut is called "fruit coulis", if i'm not mistaking.

Pinacolada Panna Cotta
(serves 6)

boil 200ml of cream and 250 ml of coconut milk with two tablespoons of sugar. in the meanwhile, prepare two sheets of gelatine (soaked it in cold water). when the cream boils, move it away from the stove and add the gelatine. let the gelatine melt and distribute the panna cottas in six little glasses, leaving some space for the pineapple gelatine. let them cool down completely and rest in the fridge for at least one hour. make the pineapple gelatine by whirring 4-5 slices of pineapple with one tablespoon of sugar and boil it for around ten minutes, until slightly curdled. then add another two sheets of gelatine (previously soaked in cold water). add a layer of pineapple gelatine to your coconut panna cottas, let it cool down and rest again in the fridge for another hour. ...decorate with cute straws and here's your pinacolada :)

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