lunedì 6 ottobre 2008

The ultimate dinner resolution: Il Polpettone!

there is nothing innovative here. on the other hand, there is something fast and tasty. i have never made a polpettone before last sunday, because i thought it was just too hard and too long and you could buy it already made in supermarkets.
it was love at first try. i will make it again and again since you can just assemble the ingredients in the morning (it takes 15 min), store your fresh polpettone in the fridge and tell your boyfriend to turn on the oven at 7, put the polpettone in the oven at 7.15 and it will be ready for when you're back from work.
for what concerns the ingredients, please use fantasy, lots of herbs and vegetables leftovers. i will soon make another one with broccoli, or spinach and ricotta cheese. or peas maybe.

Il Polpettone
(basic version, but be creative)

well mix and "knead" by hand: 400gr of minced meat (i used beef... but how to you say carne trita in english??), one egg, 50-100gr of minced mortadella (or ham, or bacon... it depends on your taste), one hand full of parmesan cheese, one or two slices of bread soaked in milk, persil and other herbs (i went for persil and mint), a smashed clove of garlic. feel free to add nuts of any sort you like (and sultanas). if you feel your polpettone is not "solid" enough, dry it up with some breadcrumbs.
cover the baking tin with cooking sheet, and bake your polpettone for 45 minutes at 180degrees. remember to add a glass of stock, or white whine, or just water in the baking tin.

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