martedì 7 ottobre 2008

Versatile and Quick Yogurt Muffins

another versatile recipe you can adapt according to your mood. no butter but olive oil, which gives a different thickness and more bubbles than butter; and an aromatic scent, too. what else? yes, it's a quick recipe, too.
i made pear&chocolate sweet treats for my greedy probability group, for one of our working-evenings! and they enjoyed it :)

Quick Yogurt Muffins
(makes 12)

whisk one large egg and add one vase of flavored yogurt (see note below). clean the vase and use it as a measuring cup for the rest of the recipe. add one and a half vase of sugar and whisk well, until it is melted in the liquids. add half vase of olive oil (or other seeds oil, depending on the flavor you are searching for) and mix well again. at this point, i added 50gr of chocolate drops and a sliced pear (you can go for vanilla, lemon zest, etc). add 3 vases of flour (i also added 4 tablespoons of bitter cocoa). drop one spoon of dough in each muffin case and bake 180degrees for 20 minutes.

note on yogurt: change the flavor of yogurt according to the rest of the ingredients. try to use light colour yogurts, such as coconut or vanilla or cereals, to give your muffins a better coloration.

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