sabato 4 ottobre 2008

Welcome back, cold! Almost-Indian Lentils Soup

these last days, the only thing i need is some warmth. and coziness. mh, and especially after the brownies blowout... we're in urgency of some serious healthier stuff here!
and actually i feel that my craving for sweet is weaker and weaker, so i guess i will be posting more about salted stuff in future. when i finish with blogging all the behind schedule cakes, of course!
so, yes, a lentils soup: it is supposed to be an indian-style recipe, but my indian flatmate (oh, yes, i have a very competent food critics team in my apartment, eheh) didn't find many similarities with hers. but at least she liked it :)

Almost-Indian Lentils Soup
(enough for two or three)

boil a can of lentils (250gr) with its water with a glass of plain tomato sauce, a chopped onion, 200ml of coconut milk, salt&pepper, fresh chili pepper (as much as you like) a little spoon of cumin and another little spoon of coriander. cook for 20 minutes, adding water if needed.

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The Busy Bee ha detto...

oooh I love lentil beans in soup!

love your cute site and recipes as well!