sabato 4 ottobre 2008

The birthday gift for who you love: Cheesecake-Brownies

Cheesecake and Brownies together... if you're diabetic, do not read further. what-a-sweet experience! i have to say this was one of my most successful tries in my baking history :)
a cake which is in fact a brownie but features a cheesecake soft decoration is just The Sweet Gift and will guarantee a wow-effect at first-sight (and first-taste). what is more, you'll have fun spreading the cheesecake topping!
so, happy birthday rosa and giulia, and thank you for welcoming me in your house every time i pass by with sexynerd.

i also tried a mono-portion version, which was an unsuccessful attempt to limit my greed to one portion/day. oh, my...

the recipe is taken from il cavoletto. i have been waiting for an occasion to bake it for weeks, since baking it all for myself yould have been a very dangerous attempt of sugary intoxication. even now, after i kept only one-third-dose for myself, i feel weird.... sugary addicted by now?? ...but i just can't help it, maybe i need help?!? :)

(makes... oh, it's never enough)

mix 150gr of ricotta cheese and 150gr of philadelphia cheese in one bowl. add two spoons of white caster sugar and whisk until you don't feel the sugar anymore. add a spoon of flour, 1 egg and 3/4 drops of vanilla extract. in a separate bowl, whisk 5 large eggs with 350gr of sugar for a few minutes, until the sugar is melted. then melt 250gr of dark chocolate with 200gr of butter and add it to the eggs&sugar mixture [oh, my...]. add few drops of vanilla extract, a pinch of salt and 150gr of flour. well mix.
put the brownie-batter in a baking tin (cover with cooking-paper) and flatten it. then let spoons of the cheese-batter fall on the brownie. be artistic and draw some abstract patterns with a knife. i exagerated a bit, and the two batters mixed, creating some light-brownie areas. you should try to focus on the contrast of color of the 2 batters.

so have fun!

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