lunedì 1 dicembre 2008

November Menus

yes, i noticed it's the first of december. the fact is that writing a "december menu" would immediately lead to writing about a christmas menu, and i'm sooo not ready for that jet. so let me play with time and go to sleep with the illusion that this year is not coming to an end, just for one more day, just for a couple of delicious more posts

Chickpeas and Pumpkin

veryvery easy: gently fry one onion in some live oil. salt. add 400gr of fresh pumkin, the chickpeas (previously let rest in water for one night) and half liter of stock. let cook for 20 minutes, or until the stock is evaporated. in the meantime, fry 100gr of bacon until the fat gets transparent. add to the chickpeas before serving, together with some sage leaves.

Ceci e Zucca

soffriggere una cipolla e salare. aggiungere mezzo litro di brodo e far cuocere 400gr di zucca e 300gr di ceci (pesati da secchi) fatti riposare in acqua per una notte. lasciare bollire per circa 20 minuti. a parte, far soffriggere 100gr di pancetta a cubetti fino a che il grasso non diventa trasparente. aggiungere ai ceci, insieme a qualche foglia di salvia. salare e pepare in abbondanza.

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