domenica 4 gennaio 2009

More Salmon... Lasagne!

... and even more coming next days! i got 500gr of smoked salmon as much appreciated christmas present :) uh, and sorry for the picture... dark ambiances and orange dishes don't go too well together. and btw, my new orange and green dishes are stunningly cool, as well as my new blender in silver :))

Smoked Salmon Lasagne
(small lasagna for two)

melt 250gr of cheese (the kind you use to make grilled cheese, but take the crust away. i used robiola, but i'm sure caprice de dieux which is a quite commercial brand can still do well) with 250ml of milk and 30gr of butter. you will end up having a quite too liquid cream, but do not worry about it. add chives and pepper. and salt if necessary. now, if you use already made lasagne, you're almost done: just make the layers, starting from the cheese cream, then lasagna, then salmon, then cheese etc. finish with a layer of cheese and bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes at 200degrees.

Lasagne al Salmone Affumicato
(per due)

preparare la crema di formaggio sciogliendo 250gr di formaggio-tomino (senza la crosta) in 250ml di robiolalatte e una noce di burro. aggiungere erba cipollina, pepe e sale (se necessario). la crema risulterà molto liquida, ma niente paura :) fare gli strati della lasagna iniziando dalla crema di formaggio, uno strato di lasagna e uno di salmone. finire con la crema di formaggio e cuocere in forno a 200gradi per 30 minuti.

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